RITE S.r.l. is a leading company specialized since 1964 in yarn finishing technology. RI.TE S.r.l. market is worldwide offering ultimate solutions by producing machines as soft winders for dyeing packages, rewinder sewing thread, assembly winders for twisting and the complete range of machines for the yarn mercerizing process.


  • Super.ga(Yarn Singeing Machine)
  • Re-Flex W(Precision Winding Machine)
  • Re-Flex DR(Electronic Hank –To-Cone Machine)
  • Re-Flex DR(Electronic Hank –To-Cone Machine)
  • Re-Flex MT(Precision Cone To Cone Winding Machine)
  • Re-Flex A(Precision Electronic Assembly Winder)
  • Mach 4(Electronic Reeling Machine)
  • Aurora(Hank Mercerizing Machine)