LAFER SPA is located in SCHIO, VICENZA, Italy and is part of the Machinery Manufacturing Industry.

Lafer SPA is based in Schio(Italy), is  a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of fabric finishing machines (sueding, shearing, heatsetting, rinsing and cleaning) with own property technologies and patented solutions.

LAFER SPA is one of the most innovative surface finishing machinery suppliers and have been seeking ideas for better fabrics for over 40 years.

All mechanical, electronic and software elements are designed, assembled and tested in our Schio factory to ensure total control over machines

Lafer manufacture surface finishing machines for wovens and knits like razing, sueding, compacting, liquid ammonia machines, etc. Lafer have recently introduced a new technology called open width continuous enzyme washing machine. In the compactor, they have combined two different technologies, to get the best compacting. The benefit is much better hand feel. This is a new generation compacting machine.

Product Range :

Sueding machines

  • Ultrasoft
  • Ultrasoft Twin Touch
  • Microsand for Woven
Raising Machines

Single Drum
Double Drum

Shearing Machines

  • Fast Speed with better precision

  • Open width
    • Felt
    • Rubber + Felt
  • Tubular
Open Width Wet Finishing Machine

  • For Enzymes, Softeners and others
Liquid Ammonia

  • A Different Mercerizing Machine
Water Less Cleaning Fabric

  • A less expensive way to remove spinning oil
Fringing and Cutting

  • For Scarves, Shawls and Blankets
Heat Setting

  • Tubular Heat Setting Machine